About me


my name is Ben. I am from Germany and live with my family in Goslar, a cozy town north of the Harz Mountains.

I am working as a Cloud Architect  for VAS Value Added Services GmbH in Neuss, Germany. Here I work in a great team on cool projects focusing on all things Microsoft cloud. In the past I have been working as a freelancer and contractor in various projects and as well held roles as Regional IT Manager and IT Infrastructure Manager.

In all my roles virtualization, systems management and automation were always at the core of my tasks. Over time I grew very fond of what today is known as the System Center suite and Hyper-V. In recent years this stretched more and more into the public cloud with Azure, but is now coming home to the on premises data centers again with Azure Stack.

One focus that never left me and is as relevant in the classical on premises environment as it is in the new style hybrid cloud world is automation. During my Linux and Unix works I came to appreciate working with BaSh and always missed something as powerful on Windows. Somehow VBS never did the trick for me and Batch in my opinion is to imperative and clumsy to be really useful. So when PowerShell entered the Microsoft world I was impressed and are even more so with the current version (v5 at the time of this writing). Look at all the brilliant features beyond simple scripting like parallel workflows and standardization and compliance through PowerShell Desired State Configuration.

If you like my blog or have critics, ideas or questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your interest in my blog and in my thoughts


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